Tuesday 11 August 2015

Stunning 14 Tweet's of #marriageequality Trending On Twitter

Here we are sharing Stunning 14 Tweet's of #marriageequality Trending On Twitter.

  1. Nats determining whether Libs get a conscience vote on #marriageequality. Another dud captain's call.
  2. #marriageequality is trending! Keep up the support 
  3. Just do it you scared white straight guys #marriageequality
  4. Friend: What are you up to?  Me: Waiting for news of whether I might be afforded the same rights as other Australians. #marriageequality
  5. This government is about jobs and growth, growth and jobs, and dragging out #marriageequality like a Big Brother eviction special.
  6. PM @TonyAbbottMP runs into fire for a tactical move to use National votes to stop a move to #marriageequality. @_AdamTodd explains #tennews
  7. Seriously @ABCNews24, I expected better - stop calling it "gay marriage"! #marriageequality
  8. Should everyone be treated equally under the law? Yes/No.  It's that easy. Vote already! #marriageequality #LoveWins
  9. This LNP party room meeting is dragging on. Do you reckon Cory's barricaded himself in there with an explosive vest? #marriageequality
  10. Is anybody else wondering if this is taking so long because it's actually a #spill not #marriageequality? Either works for me!
  11. Disappointing that journalists are still refusing to use correct terminology #marriageequality
  12. Funny how Abbott remembers his pre-election commitments when it comes to #marriageequality but not when it comes to.... Anything else?
  13. I'm only in favour of a joint party meeting if it's a meeting to discuss an actual joint party... #marriageequality
  14. If Abbott is looking for a way forward on #marriageequality, removing this nasty little amendment would be a start. 

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