Friday 7 August 2015

Top 13 #AFLCrowsTigers Tweet Trending On Twitter.

Here we are sharing Top 13 #AFLCrowsTigers Tweet Trending On Twitter

  1. How on Earth did all of that just come off? #notcomplaining #AFLCrowsTigers
  2. Next year @Richmond_FC wear yellow shorts with this jumper. It'd look great. #AFLCrowsTigers
  3. When Bruce says to Matthew Richardson, "Just a quickie, Richo", you're really hoping for context to be given swiftly. #AFLCrowsTigers
  4. That's Richmond's second! Grigg's set shot is a beauty. Tiger's push out to a 4-10 lead #AFLCrowsTigers
  5. Yes Grigga. One against the momentum. Critical goal. #AFLCrowsTigers
  6. Adelaide would be a much better team if kicking goals wasn't the aim of the game #AFLCrowsTigers
  7. Maybe Chaplain should start pointing or send his team mates an email at half time outlining where their improvements lie. #AFLCrowsTigers
  8. Stop kicking behinds Adelaide, you jerks. #AFLCrowsTigers
  9. The Crows lead inside 50s 10-6 but trail 7-3 on the scoreboard #AFLCrowsTigers
  10. Nearly game time, Friday night footy, come on you Crows!!  #weflyasone #AFLCrowsTigers 
  11. The @Adelaide_FC have the flares working overtime #AFLCrowsTigers 
  12. You can listen live to tonight's #AFL clash between Adelaide and Richmond
  13. Gale: "Our players are growing up. The leaders have led together and they're impacting games." #AFLCrowsTigers

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