Thursday 27 August 2015

WhatsApp gets Update with 5 New Features

WhatsApp New Update

After months of beta testing, WhatsApp, finally rolled v2.12.250 users of Android, which brings a number of features to the popular messaging application. Not only that, you have more control over their messaging options with the new update, but are also more Emojis and reduces the amount of data in WhatsApp calls used.

Here list of WhatsApp new features

WhatsApp new features

1) Mark as Unread

Mark as Unread

With the latest update, Android users can mark the message as unread, even after reading them.

2) Custom notifications

WhatsApp Custom notifications

WhatsApp brings a whole different set of custom options that were available only for the entire application so far for individual contacts.

3) Mute individual contacts

WhatsApp Mute individual contacts

So far we have only been able to debate the silent group, but with the new update Android users will be able to switch individual contacts and dumb.

If you want to disable a person in your contact list, you can activate the mute on the menu bar. V mute slide the slider on the right side and you will see the amount of time that you can turn off to see the Chat:. 8 hours a week or a year

4) Lower data consumption in WhatsApp calls

WhatsApp Lower data consumption in WhatsApp calls

If you make a lot of calls WhatsApp and want the consumption data WhatsApp has added a new option in the application for this purpose to reduce.

5) New emojis and more skin tones

WhatsApp New emojis and more skin tones

The new update brings many new Emojis in WhatsApp for Android, such as fireworks Spock, rather coarse, middle finger, face Emojis diverse, and a lot of LGBT Emojis. In addition, several Emojis come in different skin tones.

6) No Google Drive integration

WhatsApp No Google Drive integration

Although we can see the integration of Google Drive in the Beta, exclude the latest update from Android WhatsApp. We expect it to be launched in the near future to life, and make backup chats, photos, videos, voice messages and so much easier.

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