Saturday 1 August 2015

Why #AskArjun is trending Top on Twitter?

Arjun Kapoor is an Indian actor who appears in Hindi films. In 2012 he was signed by Aditya Chopra for three films with Yash Raj Films.

Just type #AskArjun to get solution for your problem from Arjun Kapoor

Here few Question which people ask in Twitter.

I m a fan who did n't get reply from @arjunk26 ever. So i m the biggest looser  #AskArjun

— Stylish Sona (@SonaStylish) August 1, 2015

@arjunk26 #AskArjun Oh fish only 14% battery remaining  and not at home Lots of lov to u Plz reply her @Kapoor_Mrs

if u were to ask a question to a fan, what would you ask ? XD

how many times in your life have people said 'Bhaag Arjun, Arjun Bhaag'

what was ur 1st reaction whn u get to know dat Kareena is d female lead in Balki's oppo u?

Your all time favorite song?which U can listen in any mood

What is The One This You Love About Shekhar And Why?

Do you have anything to add in this list? Feel free to comment below.
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