Wednesday 2 September 2015

#Expo15NHS hashtag Trending on Twitter

#Expo15NHS hashtag Trending on Twitter

Here we are sharing #Expo15NHS hashtag Trending on Twitter

  1. Simon Stevens announces major drive to improve to improve health in NHS workplace #Expo15NHS
  2. It makes sense to apply the triple definition of prevention to all conditions or illnesses. Find out more: #Expo15NHS
  3. Emotional moment - @helenbevan who inspires us all tells us 💥IMPACT💥 of #MatExp‼️ Blimey! JFDI works #Expo15NHS
  4. The New Care Models zone at #Expo15NHS explains the blueprint for #FutureNHS to deliver vital service changes 
  5. Health Secretary @Jeremy_Hunt outlines his vision for use of technology across the NHS: #Expo15NHS
  6. No, @Jeremy_Hunt, Doctors didn’t “misinterpret” you. We spotted your lies, tore them to shreds, now you’re reverse ferreting. #Expo15NHS
  7. Jeremy Hunt insists plan to make medical records available online is deliverable - but wouldn't be drawn on the costs #Expo15NHS
  8. JH: Within the next 3 years, 1/4 of smartphone users will be interacting with their NHS services and data through them #Expo15NHS
  9. Hunt: 137 people die or suffer serious harm every year due to medication errors - NHS needs better electronic data to combat this #Expo15NHS

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