Tuesday 1 September 2015

#freethearts hashtag Trending on Twitter

#freethearts hashtag

Here we are sharing #freethearts hashtag Trending on Twitter

  1. The senators keep needing to create sporting analogies in an attempt to understand the arts #artsinq #freethearts
  2. Aaron Beech: I could have stayed with @Bangarra. Now I probably should have ! @Co3australia #freethearts
  3. Felicity Bott: a lot of time and expertise was invested in OzCo review. Feels cynical decision to move funds to NPEA now  #freethearts
  4. .@ArtsourceWA: We are concerned that the tap has been turned off to S2M and ind artists so we the NPEA can be funded #artsinq #freethearts
  5. PICA Director Amy Barrett-Lennard now presenting evidence at the WA Senate Inquiry #artsinq #freethearts
  6. I kinda feel like Sen McDonald just suggested that people with disabilities can't be artists... #freethearts #artsinq @DADAAorgau clarified.
  7. David Doyle makes good point about Ozco's long-termin industry support and development beyond grant funding. #freethearts @CountryArtsWA
  8. David Doyle, ED of @DADAAorgau says they have 16,000 people who access their programmes. #artsinq #freethearts
  9. Next up Writing WA's Chair Mr Dennis Haskell and Fremantle Press Chair Ian Lilburne. #artsinq #freethearts
  10. #artsinq #freethearts @CountryArtsWA - thin ice example of Matt Luton starting at blue room, thin ice formed now AD of Malthouse
  11. #artsinq #freethearts @CountryArtsWA yirra yaakin will need to reconsider its schools touring program - 8000 students miss out
  12. Kerry: our core funding supported 469 artists and 48 productions and this is under threat #artsinq #freethearts
  13. Pilar Kasat talking about social impact of CAN arts programs  #artsinq #freethearts this is the real story.
  14. Pilar from CAN states Excellence comes from peer review assessment #artsinq #freethearts

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