Saturday 5 September 2015

#NamoWithOROP hashtag Trending on Twitter

#NamoWithOROP hashtag Trending on Twitter

Here we are sharing #NamoWithOROP hashtag Trending on Twitter

  1. What a HISTORIC DAY for India! and all because of India's Dynamic PM @narendramodi #NamoWithOROP
  2. On Jun 3, Manohar Parrikar: If OROP's budget was Rs 500 crore, I would have implemented it in 7 days #NamoWithOROP
  3. Army personnel will loose all sympathy if they continue2complaint &abuse  gov PM @narendramodi  has done which no othr PM cud! #NamoWithOROP
  4. Means Will Get Back to You After Consulting Boss "ISI & Kejriwal:!! AAPtard #NamoWithOROP
  5. Finally, a poor tea selling boy corrected the 42 year old huge mistake of aristocratic Indira Gandhi. #NamoWithOROP 
  6. Why should Govt pay for officers who have taken VRS and serving in advisory/management roles? #NamoWithOROP
  7. Ex servicemen' widows will get the full arrears in one go. Whereas ex servicemen will get in 4 equal instalments in 2 yrs. #NamoWithOROP
  8. #NamoWithOROP Finally, almost after 4 decades, One Rank One Pension has been announced by Modi Govt
  9. None other Govt took any steps to implement OROP in 40 years only Modi Govt understands the needs of Army and Pension #NamoWithOROP

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(Disclaimer: The above messages are taken from social networking site. We do not endorse or support the views expressed) 

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