Monday 14 September 2015

#RaceToMalaysia hashtag Trending on Twitter

#RaceToMalaysia hashtag Trending on Twitter

Here we are sharing #RaceToMalaysia hashtag Trending on Twitter

  1. Don't miss this golden opportunity to win trip to Malaysia  @MahindraRacing #RaceToMalaysia
  2. Wanna Win a chance to travel to Malaysia with #RaceToMalaysia! Stay tuned! 
  3. Register on FB  and win a trip to Malaysia check here @MahindraRacing #RaceToMalaysia
  4. Hats off to the @MahindraRacing for offering us this superb chance #RaceToMalaysia
  5. Race with #RaceToMalaysia #contest to watch MotoGP LIVE
  6. #RaceToMalaysia is now trending in India
  7. #RaceToMalaysia is now the Trending top topic in India.
  8. Hey Tweeps...A trip to Malaysia cant come easier than this, So follow @MahindraRacing and participate in their #RaceToMalaysia contest!!
  9. Few minutes to the race to begin. Get Ready!!! @mchoonia @anandmahindra #RaceToMalaysia
  10. Race to win with @MahindraRacing for an attractive trip to Malaysia! All excited for this big thing! #RaceToMalaysia
  11. I'm a passionate F1 fan & cant' wait for this, @MahindraRacing #RaceToMalaysia .. waiting for 5 lights to go off :)
  12. What an absolutely crazy ride it will be! #RaceToMalaysia   @MahindraRacing
  13. @MahindraRacing All Set, Just Waiting For Your Green Signal Now *Performs A Final Check-Up Of The Vehicle* #RaceToMalaysia
  14. A Chance for to win free Malaysia Trip #Contest soon!  #RaceToMalaysia Be ready with @MahindraRacing
  15. My Excitement on its peak coz d Champion of racing track will b  revealing something sp in a few min frm now #RaceToMalaysia @MahindraRacing
  16. A Chance for free Malaysia Travel is Coming on Your side ! Be Ready to Win!  #RaceToMalaysia @MahindraRacing
  17. Some thing big is coming at #RaceToMalaysia! Stay tuned for the contest at @MahindraRacing 

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