Tuesday 1 September 2015

#TaxiStrike hashtag Trending on Twitter


Here we are sharing #TaxiStrike hashtag Trending on Twitter.

  1. Mumbai black and yellows taxis go off roads again demanding ban on Uber, Ola  #TaxiStrike
  2. please listen mumbai this real cause of #TaxiStrike
  3. Mumbai cabbies are a nuisance while they are on the road and a nuisance even when they are off the road #irony   #TaxiStrike
  4. Stupid #TaxiStrike is self defeating! Ola Uber gain business today!At this rate, I'd prefer an aggregator to the recalcitrant kali peeli!
  5. Mumbaikars who get a taxi today will totally relate to this! @SGanguly99 #TaxiStrike
  6. Improve u r service, don't say no, serve with smile u will get the business #KaaliPeeli taxi, why go on #TaxiStrike & listen to useless ppl
  7. Didn't encounter any rash driver on road today. Smooth traffic throughout South Mumbai. Please continue your strike KaaliPeeli #TaxiStrike
  8. People really hate kaali peeli don't they. But remember, they don't charge you absurd surge rates or have Rs100 minimum charge. #TaxiStrike
  9. The way Mumbai cabbies treat people, it's the people who should go on strike and use only Ola & Uber instead. #TaxiStrike
  10. Go ahead and do wrong things, then form a committee of people who do wrong and no one will utter a word against you. #TaxiStrike
  11. If our beloved black and yellow cabbies have an issue with Uber and Ola, then they need to take passengers wherever asked to. #TaxiStrike
  12. People travelling to parel east can take share cabs starting from under the Elphinston stn bridge @TrafflineMUM #TaxiStrike #Mumbai
  13. How about consumers strike against these arrogant, rude taxi drivers by taking only @Olacabs & @Uber? #TaxiStrike #Dadagiri
  14. This is the way you strike back Kaali Peeli cabbies, not with violence & #TaxiStrike in Bombay 
  15. The Churchgate station wears a deserted look because of no cabs plying today! #Mumbai @TrafflineMUM @WeAreMumbai #TaxiStrike

Do you have anything to add in this list? Feel free to comment below.

(Disclaimer: The above messages are taken from social networking site. We do not endorse or support the views expressed)

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